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Probably the most flexible, low-cost talent acquisition as a service

🔥 Your hotspot for in-house talent partners that deliver
Before Spotted RPO 😔
Your teams are at max capacity
Pipelines are getting stale
Agency costs are killing you!
TA projects never get done
Lack of & poor quality data
Sourcing talent is super hard
After Spotted RPO 🥳
Continue with your growth goals
Candidate experience improved
Way more team budget to spend
A super optimized TA function
Data-driven decision making
Headhunted talent delivered

Recruiters trusted by leading companies worldwide 👇

🔓 Unlock major TA savings

Paying through the roof on agency costs? Looking to employ new people in a volatile market?

Try a flexible, flat rate, unlimited hires & projects, equal to only 1-2 agency hires / 30-50% of a full-time employee.

▶️ Go live on all of your channels

We'll handle job adverts, application reviews, screening, direct sourcing, referrals and more.

Fill up your pipelines asap and deliver a top class candidate experience (we won't leave them rotting in your ATS)

🔌Plug & play our TA partners

Our TA partners will embed into your company and solve your problems, without throwing a spanner in the works.

We'll use your systems, workflows, processes if you want us to, recommend best practices and improve them.

🕓 Get crucial TA projects done

We've all been there... You need to hire quick. The pressures on. Important projects are getting delayed & neglected.

Don't overlook EVP, processes, Candidate Experience, interview training for stakeholders and more!

🚀 Let's boost your HR Tech to the clouds

Let us handle your ATS design, configuration and automation to optimize your team's efficiency today.

These foundations are so important for a well oiled machine and data-driven decision making.

✈️ In-person collaboration

Each of our talent partners is open to onsite visits, working hybrid, and even commuting for 100% onsite if you prefer.

And don't worry, it's all included in our flat rate, keeping your costs simple and predictable.
Borderless Talent
Bi-lingual profiles

Supercharge Talent Acquisition across multiple functions⚡


👀 Spotted RPO vs others

Spot the difference 🕵
Contract term
1-12 months
min 3-6 months 🫣
Yearly fee
Trial period
Automation specialists
Junior TA partners
# TA Partners

Seamless. Super Flexible.
And Highly Scalable.

Got questions?
We've got answers

What is embedded talent acqusition?

It's where non-employees integrate with your company to deliver many of the day to day activities handled by your internal team (if you have one already)

Do you employ your Talent Partners?

Select Talent Partners would be employed, with others we have a non-employment B2B contract for services :) Reach out for more info.

I don't have a contract to issue you?

No worries, we've got one ready. We understand that this might be the first time you've explored recruitment process outsourcing.

Can I still use my other hiring solutions?

You sure can, but if you'd like to optimize your time and resources, use spotted as a 1st resort, and other RPO, agencies or SaaS companies as a plan b :)

What talent can Spotted deliver?

Passive and active job seekers across multiple functions, from junior to executive search, for in-office, hybrid or remote roles worldwide.

What's with all the giraffes anyway?

Giraffes are spotty and only sleep 30 minutes a day, what better mascot for a team that spots talent all day everyday? and you have to admit - they're cute!

Try us out today, we're guaranteed to knock your spots off.