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Endless hours applying to jobs
Job offers don’t fit your profile
Rely on recruiters & marketplaces
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There’s no pay info on the job
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Opt out of jobs that require tests
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Get offers from start-ups, scale ups and enterprises all over the world who’ve joined a community built for your tech stack.

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Full-time work
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Founder roles
Code reviews
Full-time work
Freelance gigs
Part-time work
Side hustles
Founder roles
Code reviews
Full-time work
Freelance gigs
Part-time work
Side hustles
Founder roles
Code reviews
Full-time work
Freelance gigs

Jobs that tick all of your boxes ✅

Set your acceptance criteria (tech stack, locations, pay ect) and we'll govern as a firewall between you and bad job offers.

We can’t promise you hundreds of invites, but when you do get one, we’re confident it’ll be the right one.

Less bias, more interaction 👌

Ever thought that maybe your location, ethnicity, gender, age or appearance is stopping you from getting more job offers?

Anonymize your profile until you accept an invite and get judged only on your skills and experience.

Safeguard against mass layoffs ✊

It’s no secret, even software engineers working for huge companies have been getting laid off.

Keep yourself open and in the mix for offers that are good enough for you to consider (if or when you need to)

More money in your pocket 🙌

No more marketplaces & recruiters taking a huge cut of what employers could be paying to you.

Stay more competitive and get paid what you're worth - wherever you are.

A truly inclusive SaaS

We welcome all software developers, regardless of your age, location, sex, skills and more.

Junior and non-English speaking software engineers are absolutely welcome (unlike other platforms we know of 👀)

Imagine your job search, refactored.

Win more time
Skip screening calls, job applications & cover letters.

Waste no time on jobs that were never right for you.
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Keep on the market for the right job to come your way.

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Reduce ghosting and chasing up feedback.

Forget about those rejection emails months after applying.

It's really Simple. Spend minutes. Gain hours. Get hired.

1. Get started

Easy sign up
We have Google SSO available, with more coming very soon
No tests or recruiter calls
Yup - you won't spend hours on those before you even know if companies are interested

2. Build profile

Set your acceptance criteria
If a job doesn't meet your desires you won't be matched to it - it's that simple
Upload your Linkedin profile / CV
We'll populate your profile so you don’t have to fill out everything, nice right?

3. Go live

Your job search goes on auto-pilot
An automated recruiter that you never have to take calls with matches you with companies
Get spotted and invited with no bias
Companies invite you to test or meet with them based on your anonymous profile

4. Analyze invites

You'll have full job info, upfront!
You'll know where you can work remotely from, if the pay is above or below your ideal desired pay + more
Companies follow up directly
Once you accept, we make an "intro", companies can now contact you through phone or email

5. Accept invites

We unlock your profile for companies
Once you accept, we make an "intro" and companies access your personal information
Companies follow up directly
You'll be contacted by phone or email to arrange the technical test or meeting
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Got questions?
We've got answers

What kind of tech jobs are on spotted?

Hands on jobs in software engineering (for now) from Golang to Clojure to Javascript, we have companies looking for software engineers with all types of skills

Can I apply for jobs on spotted?

Nope, it's actually the other way round. Companies with jobs apply to you with test and meeting invites when your well-suited for the job.

Once I get a job invite, can I apply directly?

Our advice - it's best not to. If you apply directly with companies, you'll have to be manually re-qualified, it's highly likely you'll be 1 out of 100 other applicants

What working locations are on spotted?

Remote, hybrid and office based. Some companies let you work from home, others let you work from anywhere! - from coffee shops in Barcelona to beaches in Bali 👌

Should I keep applying for jobs?

Our advice - use spotted as a first resort, and combine it with other job search methods if you need to. Wouldn't it be great if you landed a job without applying?

Sooo, what's with the giraffes anyway?

Well, giraffes only need 5-30 minutes of sleep per day, so they can pretty much work non-stop on your job search. When they sleep our human spotters get to work!